Expulsé du Cégep Dawson pour avoir exposé aux administrateurs une faille de sécurité

Un étudiant en informatique au Cégep Dawson a été renvoyé après avoir exposé une faille de sécurité dans le logiciel de gestion d'étudiants "Omnivox" de Skytech.

“It was Edouard Taza, the president of Skytech. He said that this was the second time they had seen me in their logs, and what I was doing was a cyber attack. I apologized, repeatedly, and explained that I was one of the people who discovered the vulnerability earlier that week and was just testing to make sure it was fixed. He told me that I could go to jail for six to twelve months for what I had just done and if I didn’t agree to meet with him and sign a non-disclosure agreement he was going to call the RCMP and have me arrested. So I signed the agreement.”

Je suis surpris que les Cégeps et universités n'aient pas une façon standard de rapporter les failles de sécurité pour éviter que les étudiants aient peur de représailles.